Grips - Cable

Cable grips, wire grips or comealong (cumalong) clamps are used for tensioning, pulling or stringing of wires, overhead conductors and cables. Usually supplied with steel forged body and jaws. Jaws come in various shape / roughness and manufactured from steel, aluminium and adiprene (for OPGW). In the rigging industry they are known as a "pork chops" because of their shape. Available in wide range of models for specific wire/conductor/cable types and capacities. Refer to CABLE SOCK for stocking type sleeve grips. Some grips have safety features such as: hot stick rings (live line or live working), safety latches, spring loaded jaws, trigger grips, lock open notch, patented one handed operation, locking bolt grip and serial number tracked.

Alternate terminology: Cable Grips, Wire Grips, Comealong (Cumalong) Clamps.

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