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Benditnow limited is a Sheffield based company in the UK supplying new compact manual conduit and copper tube and pipe bending machines which are of genuine true British manufacture for the Electrical and Plumbing trades. They have over 30 years combined experience in product design and manufacture of conduit and copper pipe bending machines, spares and accessories. We were the last UK manufacturer of the Hilmor brand bending stands, spares and accessories before the production moved abroad.

Featured 'Benditnow' Products


Benditnow BE32-AUS 16-32mm Conduit Bender

Benditnow BE32-AUS 16-32mm Conduit Bender The BE32AUS Conduit Machine will bend 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and...

  • Used in Electrical Installation
  • Precision Machined Aluminium Formers