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Dynamometers or load cells are used for measuring loads and forces. They can be used vertically (lifting) or horizontally (puling). We supply a range of electronic units with on board and/or wireless display, these electronic models have an extensive range of features of peak loads and storage. Manual dial gauge type dynamometers are also available, these units can be supplied with display bash guard and maximum load indicating dial. At each end of the load cells are holes or hooks for lifting or pulling equipment attachment. A large range of capacities and models are available.

Alternate terminology: Load Cell, Digital / Electronic Dynamometer, Gauge Dynamometer, Linesman Dynamometer

Featured 'Dynamometer' Products


Tractel LLX1 Dynamometers

Tractel LLX1 Dynamometers The Dynafor™ LLX1 dynamometers are precision force sensors used to measure forces and...

  • Precision force sensors used to measure forces and indicate...
HiTool - NGK

Hi-Tool NGK Dynamometers

Hi-Tool NGK Dynamometers Compact, lightweight, rugged construction - designed for line work. Graduated in kN (1 kilo newton &ldquo...

  • Compact, lightweight, rugged construction.
  • Designed for line work.

Tractel Dynafor LLXH Dynamometers

Tractel Dynafor LLXH Dynamometers DYNAFOR™ Offer an extensive range of load link dynamometers based on the...

  • They combine the proven mechanical body of the LLX with the...

PIAB Dynamometers

PIAB Dynamometers The PIAB Dynamometer is excellent for measurement and control of tension forces, where accuracy, reliability...

  • Available in kg or kN
  • From 250kg / 2.5 kN to 50000kg / 500kN

Tractel LLX2 Dynamometers

Tractel LLX2 Dynamometers DYNAFOR™ Offer an extensive range of load link dynamometers based on the strain...

  • Extended Range
  • Removable Display

Tractel Dynafor MWX Dynamometers

Tractel Dynafor MWX Dynamometers DYNAFOR™ Offer an extensive range of loadlink dynamometers based on the strain gauge...

  • Especially suitable for the quantification of hanging loads...

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Dillon Quick Check Tension Meter

Dillon Quick Check "Red" Tension Meter The Dillon Quick-Check Tension Meter quickly measures tension in cable guardrails, guy...

  • Accommodates a Wide Range of Wire Sizes and Styles
  • Portable and Rugged – Designed for Outdoor Use

Tractel Dynafor LLZ2 Dynamometers

Tractel Dynafor LLZ2 Dynamometers The TRACTEL® dynafor™ LLZ2 is a precision industrial dynamometer to measure tensile...

  • Precision Industrial Dynamometer to Measure Tensile Forces...