Crimper - Hydraulic

Hydraulic crimping tools are primarily used in the power utility and electrical industry for crimping/termination of electrical lugs, sleeves/fittings, connectors, wire ropes and earth connectors. From small copper power cables up to large underground power cables, overhead distribution or transmission conductors. They can be used in numerous other industries and applications that require crimping. A range of tools and equipment models are available such as: manual hydraulic crimpers, battery hydraulic crimpers or remote head crimpers (operated from manual, electric, petrol or diesel pump). Head types vary with C crimp head, flip top, H crimp head and scissor crimp head. Popular capacities include 12 tonne, 6 tonne, 5 tonne, 15 tonne, 60 tonne and 100 tonne.

Other Crimper Categories available from Specialised Force:

Crimper - BatteryCrimper - Manual

Alternate terminology: Hydraulic Crimping Tools, Hydraulic Compression Tools, Hydraulic Powered Crimp Tools.

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