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Airtec is based in Glasgow Scotland and has been manufacturing the Master 35® Petrol/Gas Driven Impact Wrench since its conception in 1975. Although used mainly for Railway Track Maintenance it has applications in Trucking, Farming, Forestry, Scrap Metal Recovery and Steel Tower maintenance where it is difficult to use traditional sources of power. Airtec also manufacture and supply from stock a full range of quality accessories: Railway Trolley's for the Master35, Impact Sockets - for all types of Impact Wrenches and Track Screwing Machines - square, bi-square, hexagon and rectangular in many different sizes. Auger Bits in different lengths, shank types and diameters - for use on hard and soft timber.

Featured 'Airtec' Products


Airtec Master 35 Petrol-Powered Impact Wrench

Airtec Master 35 Petrol-Powered Impact Wrench The Airtec Master 35 is a petrol engine-powered 1” square drive impact wrench,...

  • Uses: Replacing/removing/fitting chair screws and fish plate...
  • Fitted standard with anti-vibration bushes and roll bar to...

Airtec Master 35 Carrier

Airtec Master 35 Carrier The Tool Carrier is made for use on Standard Gauge track 1,435mm.  It...

  • Comes standard with deadman brake, simple wheel brake
  • Adjustable arm for use with different weight tools

Airtec Master 35 Accessory Kit

Airtec Master 35 Accessory Kit Accessory Kit for Master 35 Impact Wrench. Part #MASTERACCKIT - includes the following items: 1 x...


Airtec Master 35 No Go Gauge

Airtec Master 35 No Go Gauge The Master 35® Anvil and Socket No Go Gauge was developed to help...

  • Supplied with a Clip so it can be Attached to a Key Ring or...

Airtec Impact Augers

Airtec Impact Augers The Master Hardwood Auger Bits are manufactured using high quality steel, cold formed for strength...

  • Standard or Premium Quality
  • 10 - 22mmø

Airtec Quick Release Chucks

Airtec Quick Release Chucks Model No. Hex Open Square Drive (") OAL (mm) Body Diameter (mm) Sleeve Diameter (mm) ...