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1000 Bar Hydraulics

1000 bar hydraulic equipment is often used in specialty applications such as bolt tensioning, bearing removal and test laboratories where higher than usual pressures need to be applied. Equally rated jacks or cylinders can be purchased which are much smaller.

Alternate terminology: Hand Pump, 100Mpa Hydraulic Pump, 1,000bar Hydraulic Hand Pump


Riken UH03-1NC 1000 Bar High Pressure Hose

Riken UH03-1NC 1000 bar HighPressure Nylon Hose High-pressure hoses for use with 1000bar / 100MPa pumps. Model Number ...


Riken UP Series 1000 Bar Manual Pump

Riken UP Series 1000 Bar Manual Pump High quality Japanese manufactured for special applications such as laboratory testing, bearing...

  • High 1000 bar (100MPa) working pressure
  • High quality Japanese manufacture

Riken MP-1000-4 1000 Bar Electric Pump

Riken MP-1000-4 1000 Bar Electric Pump High Quality Japanese Manufactured for Special Applications such as Laboratory Testing, Bearing...

  • Made in Japan
  • Electric Three-Phase Pump