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Coupler - Hydraulic

Hydraulic couplings are know by many names such as: fluid couplings; hydraulic quick release couplings; hydraulic quick connect couplings; or hydraulic hose connector couplings. Couplings, couplers or connects usually refers to a set or pair, usually hydraulic fluid transfer requires a male and female. The male connection is a nipple (shaft for insertion) and the female is a coupler (receptor). A wide range of couplings styles are available with the most common ones being screw type or threaded connection, snap type usually with sleeve lock and flush face. Couplers have different pressure ratings and flow capabilities. We supply and recommend all couplers have dust caps to prevent contamination and damage to your system. More couplers are available than shown, contact us for more details.

Alternate terminology: Hydraulic Hose Connector Couplers, Hydraulic Quick Release Couplings, Hydraulic Quick Connect Couplings

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Durapac Hydraulic Couplings

Durapac Hydraulic Couplings Durapac hydraulic couplings offer the user various options for easy assembly and connection of hydraulic...


Cejn Hydraulic Couplers & Fittings

Cejn Hydraulic Couplers & Fittings Specialised Force are Authorised Australian Distributors for the Cejn range of high-pressure hydraulic...

  • Large Range of Hydraulic Couplers Carried in Stock Around...
  • Series 116 FF Couplers Include Safety Locking Feature
Maus Italia

Maus F/314 HS - F/317 HS Joints with Female/Female Double Quick Couplings

Maus F/314 HS - F/317 HS Joints with Female/Female Double Quick Couplings for High Speeds The F/31...

  • Allow replacement of the tube expander extremely quickly

Durapac Hydraulic Fittings

Durapac Hydraulic Fittings Durapac High Pressure Hydraulic Fittings allow for easy connection and assembly of Durapac hydraulic tools,...

  • 700 bar design with 4:1 safety factor