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Synchronised Lifting System

Systems for synchronised lifting or lowering applications. Control of multiple cylinders allows positioning, bridge bearing replacement and bridge construction (super T beams). Synchronous lifting systems are also used in the maintenance of heavy or mining machinery for slew bearing replacement for draglines, stacker reclaimers, excavators and shovels. A high precision computer controlled (PLC) system is also available which is extremely accurate, safe and reduce risks of load shifting or uneven centre of gravity.

Alternate terminology: Computer PLC Controlled Lifting/Jacking System, Synchronous Lifting/Jacking System, Multiple Hydraulic Lifting/Jacking System

Featured 'Synchronised Lifting System' Products


Durapac SyncMaster Synchronous Lifting System

Durapac SyncMaster Synchronous Lifting System SyncMaster – is a Computer Controlled, Hydraulic Lifting System that Provides the Highest...

  • Computer Controlled Hydraulic Lifting System.

Durapac PE Series Electric Hydraulic Split Flow Power Units

Durapac PE Series Electric Split Flow Hydraulic Power Units The Durapac PE-Series power units are designed for extended...

  • Motor Size: 1.5 - 11 kW
  • Flow: 0.73 - 8.1 LPM @ 700 Bar