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Fish Tape

Also known as duct snakes, fibreglass snakes, cable feeding snake, fibreglass trace rod and fibreglass duct rod. Used for feeding or hauling ropes into duct / conduit / PVC pipe or through walls for the installation of power or communication cables. Usually supplied as a frame, case or housing with length of coiled fibreglass / nylon / spring steel / stainless steel on rotating inner cage for easy coiling and uncoiling. Most larger longer fibreglass units feature a tracer wire.

Featured 'Fish Tape' Products


Greenlee Nylon Fish Tapes

Greenlee Nylon Fish Tapes Co-extruded curl-resistant nylon fish tape fishes equally well in large and small conduit. ...

  • Co-extruded curl-resistant nylon fish tape fishes equally...

Greenlee Fibreglass Fish Tapes

Greenlee Fibreglass Fish Tapes • Non-conductive fibreglass tape with patented low-friction coating for faster and easier fishing. ...

  • Perfect for fishing in conduit with wire or cable present.

Greenlee Steel Fish Tapes

Greenlee Steel Fish Tapes A quality range of steel fish tapes, including flat steel fish tapes, Silver Streak...

  • Made in USA

Hearthill Fibreglass Rodders

Hearthill Fibreglass Rodders Continuous Coils of Fibreglass rod, ideal for long distance rodding of conduits. The rod is...

  • Ideal for long distance rodding of conduits.