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Hoist - Cable

Mechanically operated hoist or cable winch that utilises wire rope or cable for numerous pulling and lifting applications. Portable, durable and strong. Hoists/winches feature mechanical overload protection. Cable Hoists generally refer to the Lincoln Hoist brand and are popular with power utilities for power line construction (de-energised works). Cable Winches usually refer to the Tractel® brand, "Tirfor® winch" is actually a product line of winch manufactured by Tractel®. These cable winches are also popular in the power utilities for line stringing (securing stringing machinery to concrete anchor blocks/counterweights).

Featured 'Hoist - Cable' Products

Lincoln Hoist

Lincoln Cable Hoists

Lincoln Cable Hoists For over 60 years these hoists have set the standard for cable (wire rope) ratchet winch...

  • Oiled for life bearings
  • Highly flexible aircraft cable

Tractel T-500D Series Tirfor Mechanical Hoists/Winches

Tractel T-500D Series Tirfor Mechanical Hoists/Winches Tirfor® machines are portable manual hoists used with maxiflex...

  • No limitation in terms of cable length
  • Manageable, light-weight, robust, powerful

Tractel TU 16 H & TU 32 H Supertirfor Hydraulic Tirfor Winches

Tractel TUH Series Supertirfor Hydraulic Tirfor Winches The Tractel TUH Series Hydraulic Tirfor®  machines are portable...

  • Unlimited wire rope length
  • Operate in any position