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Mechanically operated hoist or cable winch that utilises wire rope or cable for numerous pulling and lifting applications. Portable, durable and strong. Hoists/winches feature mechanical overload protection. Cable Hoists generally refer to the Lincoln Hoist brand and are popular with power utilities for power line construction (de-energised works). Cable Winches usually refer to the Tractel® brand, "Tirfor® winch" is actually a product line of winch manufactured by Tractel®. These cable winches are also popular in the power utilities for line stringing (securing stringing machinery to concrete anchor blocks/counterweights).

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Lincoln Cable Hoists

Lincoln Cable Hoists For over 60 years these hoists have set the standard for cable (wire rope) ratchet winch hoists. The Standard Series feature models from ...

Tractel T-500D Series Tirfor Mechanical Hoists/Winches

Tractel T-500D Series Tirfor Mechanical Hoists/WinchesTirfor® machines are portable manual hoists used with maxiflex wire rope.They can be used to lift, pull an...

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Tractel TU 16 H & TU 32 H Supertirfor Hydraulic Tirfor Winches

Tractel TUH Series Supertirfor Hydraulic Tirfor WinchesThe Tractel TUH Series Hydraulic Tirfor® machines are portable motorised hoists used with maxiflex wire r...