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Threader - Conduit

Tooling for the cutting or threading the external ends of electrical steel conduit, pipe and tube. Supplied in a kit with ratchet driver that accepts metric square shaped dies to match steel electrical conduit sizes: 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm OD. These dies are often referred to as Warragul dies.

Alternate terminology: Warragul Dies for Cutting External Pipe Thread, Metric Electrical Conduit Threading Kit, Steel Galvanised Conduit Threader

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Specialised Force

SF16-32 Metric Conduit Threader Set 16-32mm

SF16-32 Metric Conduit Threader Set 16-32mm This nine piece kit contains metric dies and guides ...

  • Dies Made from Carbon Steel for Long Life
  • Ratchet Die Holder Makes Light Work of Threading