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Cylinder - High Pressure Hydraulic

High pressure hydraulic cylinders are used for many industrial purposes such as lifting or jacking, pushing, pulling or pressing. Capacities range from 4.5 tonne (5 ton) to 1,451 tonne (1,600 ton). For: lifting and jacking purposes cylinders are available with locking collars; for pulling applications hollow cylinders are available with internal female thread or pull cylinders with clevis ends (removable for range of other accessories). Most cylinders are available in single acting (spring return) or double acting (hydraulically driven return). Hydraulic hand or powered pump (electric/petrol/diesel) is required to operate cylinders.

Alternate terminology: High Pressure Hydraulic Jacking / Lifting Cylinders, High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinder Rams, High Pressure Hydraulic Pull Cylinders.

CH258DA-PRE 25T x 8” Stroke Prestressing Jack

25T x 8" stroke mono stressing jack, includes tail pipe, spring loaded nose and wedge set. Similar t...
Location: Sydney (Head Office)
$2,480.00 (ex GST)

Raripress BA-4-RM Spring Return Cylinder

4T x 15mm stroke spring return cylinder, Made in Italy...
Location: Melbourne
$200.00 (ex GST)

Riken BRS1-10 1 Tonne Mini Ram Cylinder

1 tonne x 10mm stroke threaded mini ram. Made in Japan....
Location: Melbourne
$160.00 (ex GST)

Riken D5-50 Double Acting Cylinder

50T 50mm stroke, double-acting, 288mm closed height. Made in Japan....
Location: Melbourne
$830.00 (ex GST)

Riken MS2-200 20T Single Acting Cylinder

20T x 200mm stroke single acting spring return cylinder, 410mm closed height. Made In Japan....
Location: Perth Sydney (Head Office)
$692.00 (ex GST)

Riken R5-50 Load Return Cylinder

50T 50mm stroke load return cylinder, 151mm closed height. Made in Japan....
Location: Melbourne
$500.00 (ex GST)