Ropes - Cable Pulling

Cable Hauling Ropes are used for pulling cables through ducts, conduits and PVC pipe. We offer: SYNTHETIC ROPES: 4N Series high force double braided composite ropes specially designed for use on capstan drum pullers or winches; Dyneema® which is one of the world's strongest lightest fibres for larger capacity pulling machines (available with braided outer cover for extra protection or use one capstan drums; Polypropylene ropes (6mm Telstra® Parramatta rope) and twines for light pulls or blowing. STEEL ROPES: anti-twist galvanised steel pulling rope (round and square).

Other Cable Categories available from Specialised Force:

Cable Bender Cable BlowerCable CrimpingCable CuttingCable Drum TrailerCable Preparation ToolsCable PullerCable Pulling AccessoryCable Pulling LubricantCable Pusher/FeederCable Roller OverheadCable Roller UndergroundCable SockCable StripperCable CutterCable Battery CuttersCable/Wire GripsCable HoistCable Drum Jack

Other Rope Categories available from Specialised Force:

Rope Stand

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