Hydraulic Tools and Specialised Equipment. ABN: 1900 2433 436
Proudly Australian Owned and Operated since 1982


Tehma is based in Switzerland, they produce reliable, safe, high quality cutting-edge tools and equipment often used in demolition and emergency response practises.


Tehma CC300 Hydraulic Concrete Crusher

Tehma CC300 Hydraulic Concrete Crusher The CC300 Concrete Crusher is the ideal tool for controlled demolition...

  • Noise and dust free
  • No dangerous vibration

Tehma CS350 Combi Shear / Spreader

Tehma CS350 Combi Shear / Spreader Designed for the rapid enlargement of openings in concrete and metal structures, the...

  • Handy and versatile
  • Fast and effective

Tehma MS250 Hydraulic Cutter

Tehma MS250 Hydraulic Cutter Light and handy, the MS250 Hydraulic Cutter allows the user to work...

  • Light and fast
  • Solid and dependable

Tehma PP600 Hydraulic Pumps

Tehma PP600 Hydraulic Pumps The PP600 Power Packs have been developed to meet the operator’s needs....

  • Lightweight
  • Available in electric or gasoline versions