Tehma PP600 Hydraulic Pumps

Tehma PP600 Hydraulic Pumps

The PP600 Power Packs have been developed to meet the operator’s needs. Extremely compact and powerful, they are easy to carry and use in every situation. 

  • Thanks to the reinforced rubber feet and solid structure, they have no fear of hits and dust.
  • The high quality piston pump has a double stage mechanism that doubles speed and minimizes the downtime when approaching and reopening the blades, in this way cutting speed, frequency and productivity are significantly increased.
  • The power packs are equipped with a double control valve: it is possible to keep two tools always connected and ready for use (these are usable one at a time).
  • An excellent solution for building sites and rescue operations!

The PP600 Power Pack is available in two versions

Model NumberDescription
PP600-EElectric 230 V single phase motor 2.2 kW
PP600-SSubaru Robin Gasoline engine 3 HP

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