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Cable Stripper

Cable strippers for electrical, distribution (primary overhead, primary underground, secondary and specialty), and transmission. For the termination of power cable and wires mainly for low voltage cables (LV), medium voltage (MV) cables, high voltage (HV) cables, and aluminium covered steel reinforced (ACSR) conductor. These tools will remove outer sheaths/outer jacket/protective jacketing, internal insulation, semi-conductive layers/sheathing. Special application tools such as insulated strippers (1000VAC), beveling/chamfer tools, semiconductor scoring (Non-vulcanized), bonded semiconductor shaving tool (vulcanized) and mid-span strippers.

Alternate terminology: Cable Termination Tools, Undergound Power Cable Stripping Tools, Cable Preparation Tools.

Pressmaster 12679-PM Cable Stripper

The Pressmaster 12679-PM is an adjustable heavy-duty cable stripping tool for all insulation types. ...
Location: Sydney (Head Office) Townsville
$80.00 (ex GST)