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Hydraulic Breaker

Hydraulic breakers also known as hydraulic rock breakers, hydraulic rock drills or hydraulic jackhammers are hand operated tools for demolishing concrete structures or rocks. These breakers are powered by a low pressure hydraulic power source, such as pump (petrol/electric/diesel) or machinery (sometimes requires a flow control valve depending on machinery pressure and flow rate). Hydraulic breakers can be used with long hose sets keeping the breaker a long distance from the pump or power source. With the right power source/pump the tool can be operated for longer periods of time than self contained drivers or breakers (such as petrol/diesel), they can also be more powerful and weigh less than these units.

Alternate terminology: Hydraulic Jack Hammer, Hand Operated Hydraulic Breaker, Hand Held Hydraulic Breaker

Featured 'Hydraulic Breaker' Products


Maruzen Hydraulic Breakers

Maruzen Hydraulic Breakers Hydraulic rock breakers (jack hammers) used in finishing and demolition work. Low Noise and Low...

  • Low noise and low vibration
  • Lightweight and compact

Maruzen Hydraulic Rock Drills/Crushers

Maruzen Hydraulic Rock Drills/Crushers For breaking stones, roads, and for dynamite borehole drilling. The only rock drill...

  • Made in Japan
  • The Only Rock Drill in the World with a Built-in Air...