Hydraulic Tools and Specialised Equipment. ABN: 1900 2433 436
Proudly Australian Owned and Operated since 1982


Operating out of Spain, Sima are one of the leading companies in light machinery for the construction industry in Spain and manufacture machinery including Rebar Processing Tools, Construction Material Saws, Floor Saws and Power Floats.


Sima Bend3r-45 40mm Rebar Bender

Sima Bend3r-45 40mm Rebar Bender (Model Number 3R-45) The Sima Bend3r-45 is a heavy duty...

  • Inverter-switch for clockwise and counter-clockwise...
  • Self-cooled braking motor

Sima CEL-52-P 40mm Rebar Cutter

Sima CEL-52-P 40mm Rebar Cutter This heavy duty SIMA CEL-52-P Rebar Cutter / Shear will...

  • High efficiency electric motor IE3 type
  • Thermically treated inner mechanisms