Jack Stand

Jack stands are also commonly known as vehicle support stands. In the past, the most common jacks were screw jack stands which had an acme style thread which is easily manufactured, high strength, and typically found where heavy loads are required. Today a range of jack stands are available such as air or pneumatic assist hydraulic and ratchet styles. These are available in a range of capacities up to 181 tonnes so product ranges will cover public vehicles (automotive mechanics, panel beaters, etc), industrial and earth-moving industries (buses, tractors, excavators, etc) up to heavy mining (dump or haul trucks, etc).

Other Jacks Categories available from Specialised Force:

Jack - Air HydraulicJack - BottleJack - Cable DrumJack - ForkliftJack - HydraulicJack - MechanicalJack - Rail CarJack - StressingJack - ToeJack - Trolley Jacks (Garage Jacks)Jacks - ScrewJacks - Worm Gear Screw

Alternate terminology: Heavy Vehicle Jack Stand, Floor Stands, Pneumatic Vehicle Safety Stand.

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