Durapac SAFE-D-LOCK: Lifting with Power and Safe-D

Durapac SAFE-D-LOCK: Lifting with Power and Safe-D

The SAFE-D-LOCK™ isn’t just for heavy vehicles, it can also lift trains and locomotives.

The Problem:

This customer had an application where they needed to lift the locomotive to service the tri-mounts on the bogie suspensions. The total load of the locomotive was in excess of 100 tonnes and their existing standard 50-tonne hydraulic jacks they had available were deemed unsafe to use in this application.

The Solution:

The Durapac SDL15068 lifting jacks were the perfect solution for this application. The patented fail-safe spring-loaded mechanical locking system ensures that the load is held in position in the unlikely event of a hydraulic failure. Using the optional extensions and swivel load caps made the job easier when lifting to the desired height requirement for the application. The coloured mechanical lock indicators gave confirmation to the operator that the jacks were safe to use as a support stand during the service of the bogie tri-mounts.

These jacks are Australian designed and built to AS/NZS 2693:2007 standards for vehicle lifting jacks and AS/NZS 2538:2004 standard for vehicle support stands.