Cutter - Bus Bar

Busbars (buss bars, buzz bars, bus bars) are usually copper, brass or aluminium. Manufactured from a square, round, or rectangular formed bars, solid or tubing. In switchboard manufacture, solid copper bars are common as the bars are protected from the elements whereas outdoor substations might use aluminium which is low cost with excellent corrosion resistance. For high-quality buss bar cutting equipment, we offer small to larger systems in hydraulic or electric with a simple cut or multiple function units incorporating cutting, bending and punching (including a fully programmable bus bar station).

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Featured 'Cutter - Bus Bar' Products

Novopress 39659 SLB-125 Busbar Fabrication System

Novopress 39659 SLB-125 Busbar Fabrication SystemCut, punch and bend copper and aluminium busbars with the Novopress SLB 125 three-in-one bu...

IMB-Multifor 9042 TRIS Busbar Fabrication Unit

IMB-Multifor 9042 TRIS Busbar Fabrication UnitBends, cuts and punches copper bars, aluminium bars etc. with a maximum thickness of 15 mm and...

Daia Hydraulic Bus Bar Cutters

Daia Hydraulic Bus Bar CuttersModel No.BC-150VBC-200VOutput Force25t30tWorking Pressure700BarCutting ThicknessMax. 12mmCutting WidthMax. 150...

IMB-Multifor 9046 TRIS Busbar Fabrication Unit

IMB-Multifor 9046 TRIS 30T Busbar Fabrication UnitPunches bars up to 15 mm thickness, Cuts bars up to 160x15 mm, Bends bars up to 200x20 mm....