IMB-Multifor 9046 TRIS Busbar Fabrication Unit

IMB-Multifor 9046 TRIS 30T Busbar Fabrication Unit

Punches bars up to 15 mm thickness, Cuts bars up to 160x15 mm, Bends bars up to 200x20 mm.

  • In order to achieve the maximum working precision, as well as to save time, the tooling is mounted on a work bench which has been designed specially to be rational and practical in operation.
  • Power unit and punching, bending and cutting tools are ordered seperately.


Model No.9046
Output30 Tonnes
Max. Work Pressure700 bar
Adjustable Stroke65 mm
Amount of Oil Required for Full Stroke300mL
Length1200 mm
Width700 mm
Height520 mm
Weight192 kg
Supplied with 1 Metre Ruler & Set of Adaptors

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