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Rebar Bending


Diamond DBC16H 16mm Rebar Cutter/Bender

Diamond DBC16H Electric 16mm Rebar Cutter/Bender Model No. DBC16H   Dimensions 570 x 170 x 200mm   ...

  • Fast Bending and Cutting of up to 16mm Rebar
  • "D" Handle Style

Diamond DBC25X 25mm Electric Rebar Cutter / Bender

Diamond DBC25X Electric 25mm Rebar Cutter / Bender Model No. DBC-25X   Dimensions 700 x 680 x 440mm   ...

  • Fast bending and cutting of up to 25mm rebar
  • Suitable for site or workshop use

Diamond DBD-32X Electric 32mm Rebar Bender

Diamond DBD-32X Electric 32mm Rebar Bender The quick and easy method for accurate on-site rebar bending. Compact...

  • Fast Bending of up to 32mm Rebar
  • Electric 230VAC

Diamond DBD16L Electric 16mm Rebar Bender

Diamond DBD16L Electric 16mm Rebar Bender Model No. DBD-16L   Dimensions 320 x 350 x 245mm   Weight 2...

  • Fast bending of up to 16mm rebar
  • Lightweight and portable

Diamond DBD25X Electric 25mm Rebar Bender

Diamond DBD25X Electric 25mm Rebar Bender The DBD-25X is compact, highly accurate, fast and simple to...

  • Fast Bending of up to 25mm Rebar
  • Suitable for Site or Workshop Use

Diamond DBR32-HD 32mm Electric Rebar Bender/Straightener

Diamond DBR32-HD Electric 32mm Rebar Bender/Straightener Model No. DBR32HD Maximum Rebar Diameter 32mm Maximum Rebar...

  • Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Capable of Push or Pull...
  • Supplied in Box with Oil Fill Bottle and Extra Roller Set...

Diamond HB16W 16mm Electric Rebar Bender

Diamond HB16W Electric 16mm Rebar Bender Dimensions 585 x 195 x 205mm Weight 15kg Max. Rebar Diameter 16mm (5/8") Bending...

  • Lightweight and powerful
  • "D" Handle Style

Riken RS-Series Hydraulic Rod Straighteners

Riken RS Series Hydraulic Rod Straighteners The Riken RS-4-SW (4 tonne) and RS-10-SW (10 tonne) hydraulic rod straighteners ...

  • Made in Japan

Sima Bend3r-45 40mm Rebar Bender

Sima Bend3r-45 40mm Rebar Bender (Model Number 3R-45) The Sima Bend3r-45 is a heavy duty...

  • Inverter-switch for clockwise and counter-clockwise...
  • Self-cooled braking motor