Cribbing Block

Cribbing blocks go by many different names such as jacking pads, crane feet, crane pads, outrigger pads, stabiliser pads and other similar names. They can be used for supporting, stabilising and protecting the ground from heavy loads or forces. Commonly used in jacking and lifting applications, under the hydraulic feet of cranes, elevated work platforms (EWP) or aerial bucket trucks, borers and similar equipment. Our cribbing blocks or its are available as interocking, stackable, resin or steel and can support loads up to 135 tonnes.

Alternate terminology: Outrigger Pads, Crane Feet or Crane Pads, Interlocking/Stackable Crib Blocks, Resin/Steel Crib Blocks.

Featured 'Cribbing Block' Products

15255 Super Stacker Cribbing Block Set

15255 Super Stacker Cribbing Block Set Certified and Tested Multiple sizes, shapes fit most applications Interlocking or aggressive non-slip surface Non-con...

15002 Steel Cribbing Block Set

15002 Steel Cribbing Block Set (Made in USA) The 15002 Steel cribbing bloack set is durable - will not bend or warp Model 15002 is a complete set: Includes: ...