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Hydraulic Earth Auger

Hydraulic earth augers are powerful and used for industrial fencing, landscaping, pole barns, soil sampling, anchoring, foundation pier holes and horizontal boring. These augers require a low pressure hydraulic power source and can be operated from machinery (bobcat, tractor, excavator, EWP or aerial bucket, etc - these items may require a flow control valve) or petrol/diesel/electric pump. Hydraulic earth augers can be used with long hose sets keeping the drill away from the pump or power source.

Alternate terminology: Hydraulic Earth Drill, Hydraulic Soil Borer, Hydraulic Ground Drilling Machine


Maruzen AY01H Hydraulic Earth Auger

Maruzen AY01H Hydraulic Earth Auger 3 Auger sizes available (100mm, 150mm, 200mm diameter). The smallest pit width required...

  • 3 Auger Sizes Available
  • For Post Hole Digging, Fencing, etc.

Maruzen OH01 Hydraulic Earth Auger

Maruzen OH01 Hydraulic Earth Auger For fencing, planting, anchors etc. Various sizes of auger available (Auger diameters...

  • For fencing, planting, anchors, post hole digging, etc.