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Buckets & Bags - Canvas

Heavy-duty canvas, vinyl and PVC tool bags, pole bags, tool buckets for power utility, and/or communications work. Buckets and bags come are available tapered, miniature, oval, inside pockets, outside pockets, splicer and much more.

Alternate terminology: Utility Pole Buckets & Bags, Lineman/Linesman Buckets & Bags.

Balmoral 26004 Yellow PVC Storage Bag

Yellow PVC, 600 x 400mm, with Velcro closure....
Location: Adelaide
$47.00 (ex GST)

Balmoral 26033 PPE & Equipment Bag

Orange 65L Bag, zippered. Suited to carrying PPE & equipment....
Location: Adelaide
$54.00 (ex GST)

Estex 1432-95HB Hydraulic Pole Saw Bag

Vinyl carry bag for hydraulic chainsaws (pole saws)....
Location: Sydney (Head Office)
$65.00 (ex GST)

Estex 1807-1 Aerial Compression Tool/Bolt Cutter Bag

This is an oval bucket made from extra heavy materials to support the weight of compression tools an...
Location: Adelaide Brisbane Melbourne Perth
$135.00 (ex GST)

Estex 1816 Canvas Splicers Bucket

Oval canvas bucket with 26 inside and 15 outside pockets.Dimensions: 381 mm L x 178mm W x 228mm H...
Location: Sydney (Head Office) Brisbane
$79.00 (ex GST)

Estex 1821-OP Canvas bucket

Equipped with 15 outside pockets, this canvas splicer bucket leaves more space inside for tool stora...
Location: Sydney (Head Office)
$75.00 (ex GST)

Estex 1861-3 Linesmans Tool Bag

Vinyl tool bag for linesmen, includes carry strap and hook eyelets, two pockets and impact bit holde...
Location: Sydney (Head Office)
$45.00 (ex GST)

Estex 2113-20 Tool Bag

2113 series tool bags are constructed with heavyweight #4 canvas duck. The top opening has a steel f...
Location: Brisbane
$60.00 (ex GST)

Estex 9117 Tool Roll for Auger Bits

Tool Roll Features 16 Pockets for securing auger bits. Two flaps keep bits from sliding out plus two...
Location: Sydney (Head Office)
$69.00 (ex GST)

Greenlee 30016 20” Tool Bag

Tool Bag Dimensions: 20" x 14" x 9" (508 x 356 x 229 mm)Strong, wide nylon web handles extend comple...
Location: Sydney (Head Office) Brisbane
$70.00 (ex GST)

Greenlee 30017 24” Tool Bag

Dimensions: 24" x 14" x 10" (610 x 356 x 254 mm)Strong, wide nylon web handles extend completely aro...
Location: Sydney (Head Office)
$70.00 (ex GST)