POWERSTRESS 10T Mono Strand Stressing Jacks

POWERSTRESS 10T Mono Strand Stressing Jacks

Powerstress Mono Strand Stressing Jacks are front gripping jacks suitable for 12.7 & 15.2mm strand. 

  • Easy to insert jack onto strand in constricted space
  • Useful for removing slackness in long strands
  • Used for rock bolting and post tensioning operations


  • High quality jack with chrome piston, centre tube, bronze ram follower, bronze gland nut inlay and high quality seals
  • Rear facing pressure and return ports 3/8 NPT Female
  • Fitted with Cejn flat face snap couplers and aluminium dust caps
  • Supplied with one set of wedges 12.7mm (15.2mm also available upon request)
  • All spares available at reasonable price
  • Factory tested to ISO 10100 specification with ISO 9001 traceability


Model No.Capacity (ton/kn)StrokeWorking Pressure at CapacityEffective Area (cm²)Weight with Couplings (kg)
CH106DA-PRE10/9815010T at 552 Bar18.148.0

A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)F (mm)

Replacement Wedge Sets

Part No.Description
CH106-12.70.5" Wedges
CH106-15.20.6" Wedges

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