Cutters - Subsea

A range of subsea cutting, gripping, emergency cutting and specialist subsea guillotine solutions. These tools are known throughout the offshore industry for their quality and reliability and have become standard equipment in most ROV fleets around the world. We offer a range of standard subsea tools for ROV or diver deployment, as well as bespoke integrated designs for emergency disconnect or other applications. Available ranges of cutters: - Softline Cutters: fibre ropes and lifting slings including aramids, Dyneema®, Spectra® and Twin-Path® - Wire Rope - Guide Wire - Cable / Umbilical - Steel Section

Other Cutter Categories available from Specialised Force:

Cutter - BoltCutter - Bus BarCutter - CableCutter - HydraulicCutter - PipeCutter - Rebar & MeshCutter - Roof BoltCutter - Threaded RodCutter - Wire RopeCutters - Battery CableCutters - SoftlineTube Cutting Equipment

Alternate terminology: Guide Wire Cutter Guillotine, ROV Cutter Guillotine, Umbilical Cutter Guillotine, Softline Cutters Guillotine.

Solution WebTool “Cut the Umbilical” in an Emergency…

Allspeeds has been awarded a contract to supply Webtool emergency disconnection tools for ...