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Drill / Taps

By combining a drill and a thread tap in one unit provides a unique cost cutting feature. The drill/taps are for materials up to 12.7mm (1/2") thick and can be used on Mild Steel, Copper, Brass or Aluminium. Kits of metric and imperial drilling/tapping kits are available or can be ordered separately (M3, M4, M5, M6, M8 & M10). 1/4" quick change shanks on all drill-taps and kits feature a quick change adaptor.

Alternate terminology: Drilling Tapping Combination Drills, Drill & Tap Bits, Drill & Thread Tap Drills

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Greenlee Combination Drill / Tap Bits

Greenlee Combination Drill / Tap Bits Complete hole drilling, tapping and deburring/ countersinking in one operation with power...

  • Designed to tap up to 3.5mm metal.

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Greenlee Kwik Stepper Step Bits

Greenlee Kwik Stepper Step Bits (Designed & Manufactured in USA) Unique split-tip design penetrates through steel faster. Resists...

  • Balanced, double-flute construction

Greenlee XT Cobalt Step Bits

Greenlee XT Cobalt Step Bits (Designed and Manufactured in USA) Greenlee XT Cobalt Step Bits are engineered...

  • Engineered with Cobalt HSS material, for maximum life in...
  • Also cuts mild steel, sheet metal, copper, brass, aluminum,...
Trak Star

Trak Star “Slick-Stick™” Cutting Lubricant

Trak Star "Slick-Stick™" Cutting Lubricant Slick-Stik™ is softer than other stick lubricants for easy application, superior...

  • Made in USA