Aldon McCarty Freight Car Rerailers

Aldon McCarty Freight Car Rerailers

An old and reliable design for two-way rerailing of locomotives and heavy freight cars.

  • Cast-steel rerailers straddle two ties and hook to rail head.
  • Stout carrying handles at each end butt up against side of ties to keep rerailers from sliding as wheel mounts the ramp.
  • No wedges or spiking needed, just scrape some gravel away from the ties and hook the rerailers to the rail.
  • Ready for action.

NOTE: Rerailers are used in pairs but sold separately, both an inside and an outside rerailer is required per set.


Model NumberRail Size (kg)Weight (kg)
4118-14-I (Inside)41-5395
4118-14-O (Outside)41-5375
4118-15-I (Inside)60-6896
4118-15-O (Outside)60-6887

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