Hilman ERS Series Deluxe Riggers Kits & Sets

Hilman ERS Series Deluxe Riggers Kits & Sets

ERS Series Deluxe Riggers Kits and Riggers Sets are an alternative to the FT Series Kits & Sets and offer a greater degree of versatility and greater capacities. 

  • ERS Series Hilman Rollers are open top style rollers that allow for a removable swivel-top assembly.
  • Where the FT Series Rollers have the swivel-top permanently attached, the ERS Series Rollers allow users to reduce the overall height of the rollers if needed.
  • Swivel-top assemblies feature Locks and Diamond top plate.

Riggers Kits

  • ERS Series Kits have capacities from 15-Tons to 50-Tons.
  • ERS Series Deluxe Riggers Kits get two-part knock-down style handles.

Riggers Sets

  • ERS Riggers Set capacities range from 15-Tons to 400-Tons.
  • ERS Riggers Sets get full length handles.

NOTE: Kits & Set capacities are a combination of all four individual roller capacities in that particular size kit.


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