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Rodder - Fibreglass

Used for feeding hauling ropes into duct / conduit / PVC pipe for the installation of power or communication cables. Supplied as a frame, case or housing with length of coiled fibreglass on rotating inner cage for easy coiling and uncoiling. All Hearthill models have a tracer wire.

Alternate terminology: Fibreglass Duct Snake, Fibreglass Cable Rodder, Fibreglass Duct Rodder, Fibreglass Fish Tapes

Featured 'Rodder - Fibreglass' Products


Hearthill Fibreglass Rodders

Hearthill Fibreglass Rodders Continuous coils of fibreglass rod, ideal for long distance rodding of ducts or conduits. The...

  • Ideal for long distance rodding of ducts or conduits.

Hearthill Fibreglass Rodder Accessories

Hearthill Fibreglass Rodder Accessories Available for 5mm, 7mm, 9mm & 11mm rods. Specifications Model No. Description FEE-05 &...

  • Fibreglass rodder accessories

Greenlee Fibreglass Fish Tapes

Greenlee Fibreglass Fish Tapes Non-conductive fibreglass tape with patented low-friction coating for faster and easier fishing. Perfect...

  • Perfect for fishing in conduit with wire or cable present.