Maus Idroscal Hydrodynamic Pump Descalers

Maus Idroscal Hydrodynamic Pump Descalers

Hydrodynamic pump descalers for heat-exchangers, with Electric or Diesel motor and high-pressure water jet.

  • Hydrodynamic pump with electric or diesel motor for the internal/external descaling of heat exchangers using a high-pressure water jet.

Different Sizes & Customisations

Maus Italia offers different pump sizes according to required use and pressures for guaranteed dirt removal.

  • The Idroscal comes with either an electric or a diesel motor
  • The Idroscal can be skid- or wheel-mounted
  • It can also be supplied in a soundproof model

High Level Technical Features

The Idroscal comprises a triplex piston pump, a stainless steel head, a mechanical pressure gauge and automatic pressure regulator, a safety valve, coupling joint for the motor and coupling guard, pipes and fittings.

External Cleaning of Tubes

Set-up with rigid nozzle.

Internal Cleaning of Tubes

Set-up with flexible nozzle and foot valve.

ATEX Certification on Request

The Idroscal pump can be supplied on request with ATEX certification so that it may be used in areas classified as hazardous.

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