Clearance Items

Tool Holders

A wide range of fibreglass or non-conductive plastic products for general or specific tool storage while working in aerial buckets, EWP (elevated work platforms) or boom bucket trucks. These products are designed for outdoor usage and keep tools off the floor of the bucket preventing trip hazards or accidents. Tool boards are ideal for spanners, screwdrivers, sockets and other hand tools. Tool trays can be used for storing any number of hand tools, nuts, bolts, washers and other small hardware items.

Alternate terminology: EWP Tool Trays, Aerial Bucket Tool Holders, Elevated Work Platform Tool Storage.

Estex 2651-2 Compression Tool & Bolt Cutter Bag

Estex Compression tool and bolt cutter bags are made from heavyweight vinyl coated nylon with a heav...
Location: Sydney (Head Office)
$70.00 (ex GST)

Jameson 24-12A Impact Wrench Holder

Model No.DescriptionSize (mm)Bucket Lip Max (mm)Weight (kg)24-12AImpact Wrench Holder254 x 125 x 178...
Location: Sydney (Head Office) Adelaide Hobart
$286.00 (ex GST)

Jameson 24-12AH Impact Wrench Holder

Model No.DescriptionSize (mm)Bucket Lip Max (mm)Weight (kg)24-12AHImpact Wrench Holderwith Scabbard7...
Location: Sydney (Head Office)
$470.00 (ex GST)