Carima stands as a premier European leader in crafting water-based lubricants and anti-friction agents crucial for installing fiber optic and power cables. With over three decades of expertise, Carima thrives in a competitive landscape, propelled by the unwavering dedication and passion of its team. Bolstered by a steadfast commitment to research and development, Carima adeptly navigates both domestic and international markets, meeting customer demands with innovative solutions and swift delivery. Notably, our eco-conscious ethos drives us to exclusively offer water-based products free from oil derivatives while harnessing solar energy to power our operations through strategically installed photovoltaic panels atop our facilities.

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Featured 'Carima' Products

GLISS® GEL Cable & Fibre Pulling Lubricant

GLISS® GEL is designed to eliminate the friction existing when heavy power cables are installed in plastic ducts.GLISS® GEL eliminates up to...