Aldon 4021-01 Hydraulic Rail Bender

Aldon 4021-01 Hydraulic Rail Bender

Bend 30-60kg/m rail for switch point pockets and rail repairs.

  • For full kit with bending head, hand pump and hose refer to the below specifications for “bender head” as well as “pump & hose” as components to make the full kit are sold separately.


Bender Head

Model No. Description Rail Capacity (kg/m) Power Source Force (Tonne) Weight (kg)
4021-01 Remote bender head package includes;
- Bending Head Frame
- Riken 30T Jacking Cylinder (#SJ3-125)
30-60 700bar Hydraulic Pump
Required (Refer below)
30 83.6

Pump & Hose

Model No. Item Description Rated Pressure (Bar) Weight (kg)
P4 Pump Riken Hand Pump, 2 Speed, Integrated Safety Valve, 1,800cc Useable Oil 700 11.5
HPS-0602ER Hose Durapac 2 metre high pressure hose with CEJN safety speed coupling one end 700 1.5

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