Hearthill Fibreglass Rodders

Hearthill Fibreglass Rodders

Continuous coils of fibreglass rod, ideal for long distance rodding of ducts or conduits.

  • The rod includes a 1mm tracer wire in the centre and a 1.5mm layer of UV stabilised polyethylene sheathing for added protection and durability.
  • The set comes complete with a stand fitted with wheels and a drag brake for holding the rod during operation, threaded male fitting and removable eye on the outward end and a fixed eye on the inner end, joining kit
  • (which consists of 2 joiners, 1 replacement eye, threaded end, glue and fitting instructions).
  • A full range of accessories is also available


NOTE: All Sizes Include Trace Wire

Model No.DescriptionLength (m)Weight (kg)Replacement Rod
FRD5-40*5mm Fibreglass Rodder404.7FRR5-40
FRD5-80*5mm FIbreglass Rodder805.1FRR5-80
FRD7-75*7mm Fibreglass Rodder758.3FRR7-75
FRD7-125*7mm Fibreglass Rodder12513FRR7-125
FRD7-150*7mm Fibreglass Rodder15016FRR7-150
FRD9-150**9mm Fibreglass Rodder15031FRR9-150
FRD9-200**9mm Fibreglass Rodder20037FRR9-200
FRD11-200**11mm Fibreglass Rodder20055FRR11-200
FRD11-250**11mm Fibreglass Rodder25064FRR11-250
FRD11-300**11mm Fibreglass Rodder30073FRR11-300


Please download the catalogue page for details on the Hearthill Fibreglass Rodders.