Hilman Load Rollers Options & Modifications

Hilman Load Rollers Options & Modifications

Range of options & modifications for Hilman Load Rollers.

Corrosion Resistance

Hilman Rollers can be used in corrosive environments with a high degree of confidence so long as they are manufactured with the proper materials. 

  • Stainless Steels and epoxy coatings can prolong the life of Hilman Rollers when used in offshore applications or in environments that are otherwise corrosive.
  • ABS, DNV and Lloyd’s certifications are among Hilman’s credentials and certified for offshore applications.

Hydraulic Integration

Occasional applications may benefit from the integration of hydraulic cylinders, either as motive force or to lift a load for a specific reason; or both. 

  • Hilman has supplied several different combinations of hydraulically integrated skidding systems for use on land and at sea.
  • Hilman can provide complete controls for a turnkey solution.

Keyway Rollers

Keyway Rollers are a unique way of providing a guidance system to a Hilman Roller. 

  • Whereas an Accu-Roll Guidance System is external of the standard size roller frame, a Keyway Roller has what we call an internal Guidance System.
  • The keyway style chain is designed to remain centered to the frame (straight or radius).
  • This type of chain should be used on high cycle life applications or applications where the roller may be used in a vertical manner.
  • Keyway Chains have a groove machined into the rolls that mates with a track that is machined into the roller frame’s load plate.

Rocker Tops

Hilman Rocker Tops are designed for integration with Hilman OT and NT Series Rollers in order to provide some degree of articulation. 

  • Rocker Tops can be made custom for a variety of other rollers as well.


Similar to the swivel attachments in the ERS Series, Hilman Turntables are an accessory designed to integrate with Hilman OT and NT Series Rollers in order to allow users to accomplish turns. 

  • As well, custom Turntable assemblies can be designed and made for a variety of application for most any series of Hilman Rollers.
  • The Hilman XYS Series roller is really two rollers, mounted top plate to top plate, with a turntable between them.

Tapered Radius Rollers

Radius Rollers are specifically designed to move on a fixed radius. 

  • The roller design utilizes a tapered keyway chain that serves as an internal alignment feature in tandem with an Accu-Roll Guidance system (Type R and Type U) to minimize the effect of the external horizontal force.
  • Minimum capacity is 34 Tonnes (37.5-ton) and the minimum radius is 6 metres.


Wiper systems are optional on practically any roller. 

  • These will serve to clear the path of movement and prevent small debris from impeding the roller’s performance.

NOTE: Accu-Roll Guidance System Option/Modification Also Available (See Related Products)

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