Riken Female Clevis (Female Thread/Male Thread)

Riken Female Clevis (Female Thread/Male Thread)

Specifications (for female clevises with female thread)

Model No.ABCD (tolerance)EFGHJ (tolerance)K
LWeight (approx.)
For 40kNCLF-4-B73mm45mm38mm16mm0.2 to 0.5M83/4-14NPT21mm54mm16mm+0.1 to +0.340mm24mm0.5kg
For 50kNCLF-5-2M20 X 1.522mm18mm
For 100kNCLF-10-B96mm57mm52mm20mm0.2 to 0.5
M81 1/4-11.5NPT26mm70mm25mm+0.1 to +0.346mm33mm0.9kg
CLF-10-2M28 x 230mm
For 200kNCLF-20-B119mm86mm76mm30mm0.2 to 0.5
M82-11.5NPT27mm85mm36mm+0.1 to +0.370mm45mm2.5kg
CLF-20-2M40 x 235mm
For 350kNCLF-35-2185mm110mm104mm48mm0.2 to 0.5
M10M50 x 246mm133mm48mm+0.1 to +0.3110mm60mm9.1kg
For 500kNCLF-50-2220mm128mm122mm57mm0.2 to 0.5
M10M55 x 351mm159mm57mm+0.1 to +0.3128mm68mm14.7kg

Specifications (for female clevises with male thread)

Model No.ABCD (tolerance)EFGHJ (tolerance)LWeight (approx.)
For 40kNCLM-4-B70mm45mm38mm16mm0.2 to 0.5
M53/4-14NPT18mm51mm16mm+0.1 to +0.324mm0.4kg
For 50kNCLM-5-274mmM20 x 1.555mm18mm
For 100kNCLM-10-B95mm57mm52mm20mm0.2 to 0.5
M51 1/4-11.5NPT24mm69mm25mm+0.1 to +0.333mm0.9kg
CLM-10-297mmM28 x 223mm71mm
For 200kNCLM-20-B116mm86mm76mm30mm0.2 to 0.5
M62-11.5NPT25mm82mm36mm+0.1 to +0.345mm2.4kg
CLM-20-2121mmM40 x 287mm
For 350kNCLM-35-2185mm110mm104mm48mm0.2 to 0.5
M10M50 x 233mm133mm48mm+0.1 to +0.360mm8kg
For 500kNCLM-50-2222mm128mm122mm57mm0.2 to 0.5
M10M55 x 353mm161mm57mm+0.1 to +0.368mm11.3kg