Maus MEF Mobil Remote-Controlled, Self-Positioning Tube Bundle Puller

Maus MEF Mobil Remote-Controlled, Self-Positioning Tube Bundle Puller

Mef mobil - "On-shore" remote-controlled, self-positioning puller for the extraction, lifting and movement of tube bundles up to 20T.

  • The Mef mobil tube bundle puller, designed for difficult to access areas, is completely self-sufficient and is a global solution for petrochemical plants for the extraction of tube bundles and their transportation to maintenance/cleaning areas.
  • The Mef mobil extractor operates completely autonomously, without the need for a crane or truck, for positioning, lifting and transportation to the tube bundle maintenance area after extraction.

The Dimensions That Count

The Mef mobil solves the problems faced in difficult to access areas, such as under roofs.

  • High lifting capacity: up to 5850mm (230") Height
  • Lateral translation of the frame being extracted: +/- 100 mm (+/- 4")

Wireless Remote Control on Request

Special Models for Low Temperatures can be Supplied

Longitudinal Movement of the Extraction Frame

to increase the flexibility of the Mef mobil 1650/68 permits the heat exchanger’s position to be reached easily.

ATEX Certification on Request

The Mef mobil extractor is available on request complete with an ATEX declaration of conformity covering the whole machine (motors, electrical system and all machine components are suitable for work areas classified as hazardous).

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