Izumi SH-70B Hydraulic Punch Head

Izumi SH-70B Hydraulic Punch Head (Made in Japan)

The Portable SH-70B Punch was Designed to Punch Holes through 13mm Mild Steel, Aluminium and Copper with a 20.5mm Maximum Hole.

  • A Stripper Guide Extends on Either Side of the Ram to Strip the Material after Punching.
  • The Stripper Guide also Clamps the Punch into Place to Free Operators Hands for Safety.
  • The SH-70B comes Complete with Four Sets of Mild Steel Punch and Die Sizes, 10.5mm, 13.5mm, 17.5mm, and 20.5mm.
  • 20.5mm is the Maximum Hole Size and 6mm is the Minimum Hole Size.
  • This Powerful Punch has a Newly Designed Support Stand and Comes with a #70E-08 Cap Nut Tightening Pin and Steel Carrying Case.
  • Keyed Shaft Facilitates Slotted and Squared Punches.

NOTE: Refer to Data Sheet for Punch and Die Kits Available, some Half Sizes are Stocked and are Available upon Request.

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