Cejn 115 Series Hydraulic Couplers & Fittings

Cejn 115 Series Hydraulic Couplers & Fittings

Specialised Force are Authorised Australian Distributors for the Cejn range of high-pressure hydraulic couplers (also known as snap couplings or quick disconnect couplings) and hydraulic fittings.  NOTE: Series 115 is available in both standard and Flat-Face designs.  

The 115 series of hydraulic quick connect couplings for ultra-high pressure are easy to handle, safe and reliable. The quick couplers are available in both standard and flat-face designs. Series 115 are non-drip couplings with clean connection and disconnection protecting both the environment and circuit integrity. The safety lock comes as standard and it adds an extra layer of safety by eliminating any risks of accidental disconnections. The high performance and robust design with small outer dimensions, makes it a suitable option in many different applications. The nipples are also available with a hose rupture valve. In the event of a ruptured hose, the nipple closes and prevents oil spills that could disrupt production and harm the environment. Plastic dust caps come as standard for both the couplings and nipples. These extend the lifetime of couplings, nipples and the entire hydraulic system. Aluminium dust caps are also available upon request. 

Technical Data

Nominal Flow Diameter2.5mm
Flow Capacity6.0L/min
Max. Working Pressure1000 bar
Min. Burst Pressure2600 bar
Temperature Range-30°C to +100°C
Material CouplingHardened, zinc chromate plated steel
Material NippleHardened, zinc chromate plated steel
Material SealNitrile (NBR) other sealing materials on request

Flow capacity is measured at 0.4 MPa pressure drop.


Couplings with Safety LockPart No.NotesConnectionLengthDiameterHexagonRec. TorqueRec. Seal. Method
Female Thread10 115 1102-Rc 1/4"60.4mm28mm24mm50-60 Nm-
10 115 1202-G 1/4"61.3mm28mm24mm40-50 NmCMS*
10 115 1204-G 3/8"63.3mm28mm24mm70-80 NmT3*
10 115 1401-1/8" NPT60.4mm28mm24mm40-50 Nm-
10 115 1402-1/4"NPT60.4mm28mm24mm50-60 Nm-
10 115 1404-3/8" NPT60.4mm28mm24mm70-80 Nm-
10 115 1104-Rc 3/8"60.8mm28mm24mm70-80 Nm-
10 115 1201-G 1/8"53.8mm28mm24mm40-50 NmT1*

Male Thread10 115 1452-1/4" NPT72.3mm28mm24mm50-60 Nm-
10 115 1454-3/8" NPT72.8mm28mm24mm70-80 Nm-
10 115 1252-G 1/4"71.8mm28mm24mm40-50 NmT2*
10 115 1254-G 3/8"71.8mm28mm24mm70-80 NmT3*
NipplesPart No.NotesConnectionLengthDiameterHexagonRec. TorqueRec. Seal. Method
Female Thread10 115 6102-Rc 1/4"36.7mm24.7mm22mm30-40 Nm-
10 115 6104-Rc 3/8"38mm27.7mm24mm40-50 Nm-
10 115 6201-G 1/8"33.3mm19.6mm17mm40-50 NmT1*
10 115 6202-G 1/4"38mm24.7mm22mm40-50 NmCMS*
10 115 6204-G 3/8"39.5mm26.7mm24mm70-80 NmT3*
10 115 6401-1/8" NPT33.3mm19.6mm17mm20-25 Nm-
10 115 6402-1/4" NPT35.7mm25.4mm22mm30-40 Nm-
10 115 6404-3/8" NPT37mm27.7mm24mm40-50 Nm-

Male Thread10 115 6152-R 1/4"63mm25.4mm22mm50-60 Nm-
10 115 6154-R 3/8"63mm25.4mm22mm70-80 Nm-
10 115 6212-G 1/4"50.3mm24.7mm22mm40-50 NmT2*
10 115 6254-G 3/8"62mm25.4mm22mm70-80 NmT3*
10 115 6451-1/8" NPT50.8mm19.6mm17mm40-50 Nm-
10 115 6452-1/4" NPT61.5mm25.4mm22mm50-60 Nm-
10 115 6454-3/8" NPT62mm25.4mm22mm70-80 Nm-
10 115 6272Hose rupture valve that closes above 13L/minG 1/4"52mm24.7mm22mm40-50 NmT2*
AdaptersPart No.NotesConnectionLengthDiameterHexagonRec. TorqueRec. Seal. Method
Swivel Connection19 950 1650Adaptor with integrated swivelG 1/4"-50.5mmSee Drawing Below40-50 NmCMS*

*CMS= Cejn metal seal (120° cone), T1= rubber metal seal (19 950 0061), T2= rubber metal seal (19 950 0062), T3= rubber metal seal (19 950 0064), T4= high strength rubber metal seal (19 950 0083), W= copper washer (09 950 4600).


  • Cejn 115 series nipples are interchangeable with 116 series couplers and can be used for pressures up to 100 MPa.
  • Cejn couplers and nipples are supplied as standard with plastic dust caps. Metal dust caps can be supplied optionally.
  • Metal dust caps are supplied with an aluminium crimp sleeve for crimping to suit your application.

Click on the link to download more information on the Cejn 115 Series Hydraulic Couplers & Fittings.

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