Maus HF-6000 Portable Hydraulic System ‘Tack Expansion’

Maus HF-6000 Portable Hydraulic System 'Tack Expansion'

Portable Hydraulic System 'Tack expansion' for the controlled positioning of the tubes prior to welding.

  • HF-6000 is a portable hydraulic head with polymer ring expansion tool to avoid contamination during the locking process.
  • The main function of this system is to lock the tubes into the desired position by making a careful approach to the tube-sheet hole
    • This ensures a reliable reference point with respect to the tube-sheet surface (flush recessed or protruding)
    • Providing the preconditions for a proper operation of a TIG orbital welding unit.
  • The Hydrex 5003 S control software allows to calibrate the adhesion strength of the tube to the wall of the hole.
  • Internal tube diameters must be between 8 and 30mm (0.315" and 1.181")

NOTE: Even in this case, according to the dimensional characteristics provided by the customer, Maus Italia proposes and manufactures the appropriate expansion tools and related spare parts.