Aldon Derails - Hinged Pop-Up Two-Way for Wooden Sleepers (Ties)

Aldon Derails - Hinged Pop-Up Two-Way for Wooden Sleepers (Ties)

Permanently installed on two sleepers.

  • Derail block with wheel-deflecting bar is swung on or off the rail as needed.
  • Can be padlocked in either position.
  • Derail must be sized to fit a specific rail height. For more details, see page 127 of our Rail Catalogue.
  • All derails are designed for travel speeds under 8km/hr.
    • Any higher speed may cause a failure to derail.


Suitable for freight cars and 4-axle locomotives
Derail block is lifted on or off the rail either manually or with a Lifting Lever
(Model No. 4014-28, Rail Catalogue page 129). Sign Holder is available in two styles: manual lift or pop-up.
Model No. Description Weight (kg)
4014-03 Manual Lift Sign 77.3
4014-04 Pop-Up Sign
Suitable for 6-axle and 4-axle locomotives and all freight cars
Low-angle deflection bar accommodates longer wheel base of 6-axle locomotives. Allow ample space alongside the track for derailed vehicle to slide to a stop.
Model No. Description Weight (kg)
4014-18 Manual Lift Sign 77.3
4014-20 Pop-Up Sign

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  • Aldon derails are designed for cars and locomotives operating at slow switching speeds (5 mph / 8km/h or less).
  • Hinged derail is designed for use on tracks with wooden ties.
  • Use screw spikes (supplied with Aldon Hinged Derails) for proper anchoring of derails to wooden ties.
  • Do not install derails on resin or concrete sleepers.


  • Derails must be installed on exposed rail track only.
  • For rails 80-141 lbs. (36 - 63kg), derails are sized to fit a specific rail height, including thickness of tie plate.

We cannot process your order without the information you provide on the Derail Sizing Form (Please Download).

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