OMAC Pulling Winch: Pulling Cables out of a Duct

OMAC Pulling Winch: Pulling Cables out of a Duct

The contractor required a three tonne pulling winch for the installation of underground Electrical and Communication cables for a new railway station. A decision was made by the customer that the OMAC F275.30.P bull wheel style, diesel, water cooled, pulling winch was the best option for this operation. Featuring an automatic rope re-coiler on the rear of the winch directly behind the bull wheels meant retrieval of the rope was not another operator controlled piece of machinery (as opposed to using a capstan drum winch with separate re-coiler, which can also be a trip hazard).

Safety guarding was factory installed on the F275.30.P to the customer’s requirements as the unit was kept with its original wheel base and axle for manoeuvrability (on site) but usually securely anchored, operated and transported on the back of a flat-bed truck. The operators were trained on the safe operation of the machine and the commissioning of the Omac Puller was carried out by an experienced Omac technician, who made the trip from Italy for this purpose. This took place on the customer premises in the morning prior to the job commencement. The group of workers trained in the operation were impressed with its capabilities, in particular the data recording (for quality assurance cables to ensure the cables were not overstressed), on board re-coiler and simple functionality of the machine.

Specialised Force staff were on site for this particular job the next day and reported the pull went to plan with no hiccups.

The contractors on site were amazed with the simplicity and ease of the pull, and also the time taken to complete this section of the job, compared to similar pulls on the same site.

Pulling equipment used in the installation also available:

  • PULLING WINCH – OMAC – Diesel, Water Cooled (model no. F275.30.P)
  • PULLING ROPE - Pelican – Double Braided Composite (model no. 4N-180 series) 14.3mm OD
  • SWIVEL - DCD – High Grade Stainless Steel (model no. 00505 series)
  • PULLING SOCKS – NCG - Cable Sock Grips – Pulling Sock Grips, Galvanised Strand, Alloy & Copper Ferrule (model no. C10 series, various models used)
  • ROLLER – Hearthill – Manhole Twin Roller Guide (model no. TRGM-100-2)
  • CABLE GEL / CABLE LUBE - Greenlee – Gel / Lube (model no. 35211)
  • ROPE DRAW - Parramatta / Telstra Rope (model no. ROS0614) 6mm OD