Powercom Riganti IR3107 Self-Gripping Clamp

Powercom Riganti IR3107 Self-Gripping Clamp

Made of high tensile alloy steel, hot forged, heat-treated, precision machined and zinc-plated.

  • All Riganti self-gripping clamps comply with European safety standard CE and some are patented designs.

These self gripping clamps or comealong clamps feature interchangeable liners, a complete range of liners are available (see conductor types listed).

  • This means working at lower costs on conductors of different materials and diameters by only changing the liners.

Model NumberIR 3107
WLL (kn)49.0
Interchangeable LinersYes
Weight (kg)7.0
Suitable For (Material Type)Min (mm)Max (mm)
Al, ACSR & Cu6.023.0
Suspension Conductors Al6.023.0
Steel, Earthwire (mm)¹6.016.0
Anti-Twist Braided Rope (mm)¹6.016.0

¹ Square and round steel wires differ in range, contact us for more information.

Please download catalogue page for more details on the Powercom Riganti IR3107 Self-Gripping Clamp.

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