Aldon Spark-Proof Heavy-Duty Urethane Rail Wheel Chocks

Aldon Spark-Proof Heavy-Duty Urethane Rail Wheel Chock

SPARK-PROOF Urethane Wheel Chocks are tough enough to block a tank car, but resilient enough that the car can be pulled over the chock by a locomotive without derailing.

  • For chocking tank cars and other freight cars, loading or unloading hazardous materials and used where a spark from a steel wheel chock could ignite dust or fumes.
  • No more trying to yank free a steel chock that is stuck under a wheel. When it’s time to move, just pull the car over the chock and retrieve the chock later.
  • Moulded transverse ribbing squeegees out water and dirt from rail surface, to increase holding power.
  • Urethane has great resistance to loads with the ability to compress to half of its thickness and then spring back to its original shape.
  • Urethane will not degrade from corrosive materials and most chemicals.
  • When installed on flush rail the handles are 38mm above the pavement for easy gripping.


  1. For use on flat track only. Do not use chocks on grades.
  2. Set brake before installing chocks. Rail car or locomotive must be stopped and brakes applied before chocks can be placed.
  3. Do not use chock if rail car or locomotive is lifted up at one end for inspection or repair.
  4. Chock both ends of the rail car or locomotive.
  5. Use on rails 44.6 to 76.9kg/m.
  6. Minimum wheel diameter 838mm (33”).
  7. Do not use on oily or greasy rail as chock will slide.
  8. When rail car is ready to be moved, you may pull car over chocks. They will return to their original shape.
  9. Replace chocks if urethane is torn or cracked.

SINGLE - For One Direction

Model No. Rail Type Weight (kg)
4011-42 Exposed 2.3
4011-43 Flush 2.3

DOUBLE - Designed for Two-Way Direction, Handles are 610mm Long, with Elastic Linking Lanyard

Model No. Rail Type Weight (kg)
4011-40 Exposed 4.1
4011-41 Flush 4.1

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