Izumi SL-ND Series Battery Crimper: Fence Crimped In

Izumi SL-ND Series Battery Crimper: Fence Crimped In

In this application the Izumi model SL-ND series 6 tonne battery hydraulic crimper became the perfect solution for a contractor for the construction of rural fencing. The crimper was used to crimp the wire strands together with ferrules. This contractor was able to save his company time, money and the risk of manual handling hazards for himself and employees.

The fences being erected are for the containment of livestock and also to keep out unwanted feral animals. The fence lengths were being joined together using wire mesh with ferrules crimped with manual hand crimpers. This was extremely labour intensive over hundreds of kilometres of fencing and often is very humid and hot conditions in remote areas.

The SL-ND battery tool uses a scissor action compared to the larger “C” or “U” style heads of the larger crimping tools. As the contractor already had his own ferrules we were able to have special custom made die sets to suit the ferrules. The application did not require any official load testing due to the fencing wire not actually holding any weight. The customer was satisfied with the strength of the 6 tonne crimp doing his own tests. We offer testing services for a range of applications especially where ferrules or sleeves used on wire or ropes are load holding, contact us for more details.

As the customer increased productivity, made the job much easier and therefore decreased operator fatigue they purchased several more units with dies.

The Izumi SL-ND is a multi- head tool, you can also interchange the head with purchase of additional attachment head (all sold separately for: Crimping, Cutting (Al/Cu and Al/Cu/ACSR head) and also a Bending attachment for Cables and Conductors.

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