Dillon Quick Check Tension Meter: Tension in the Fast Lane

Dillon Quick Check Tension Meter: Tension in the Fast Lane

A leading provider of high-tension cable barrier systems required a fast, effective and accurate solution to enable them to check the tension on the cables they supply. This particular case required this solution in order to ensure the correct tension on roadside cable barriers. The barriers are used to ensure vehicles stay on the correct side of the road as well as to provide protection to oncoming traffic/pedestrians or fixed objects if a vehicle were to veer off the road. The Dillon Quick-Check Tension Meter was the right tool for the job.

The cable system absorbs heavy impact on the barriers which in turn either stops or redirects the vehicle post-impact. The seriousness of this issue is the reason why it is crucial that the cables in the barrier are the correct tension. The cables can sag if the correct tension is not applied which as a result will reduce the effectiveness of the safety barrier. The cables must be checked each time a collision occurs and due to seasonal fluctuations in temperature, the cable tension is recommended to be re-checked annually.

The ease-of-use and the speed of the Dillon Quick-Check system drastically reduces the time spent on site. Once the Dillon Quick-Check is set up, the Department of Transportation, Road/Traffic Authority or contractor is only required to simply turn the meter on, place it on the cable and take the reading. Reduced time on site means an increase in safety for the transport personnel or contractors, due to less time spent in an area of danger at the side of a road.

Dillon tension meters are capable of monitoring tension within any line or cable that passes through it. Applications include tower guy wire and pre-tensioned cable barriers, elevators, lifts, gondolas, winch rope, fall arrest systems, prestressed concrete, aircraft cables and utility conductors.

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