alkitronic® EFCip Series Electric Torque Wrench: Fast Track Torque

alkitronic® EFCip Series Electric Torque Wrench: Fast Track Torque

A civil infrastructure company required a bolting solution to carry out the loosening and tightening of bolts in the construction process of an underground railway tunnel. The tunnel was designed to transport passenger and freight trains to reduce total travel times.

The process that required the solution involved loosening two bolts on each sector of rail, placing two clamps on these bolts and then re-tightening the bolts into a secure position. The tunnel consisted of two 57km tubes – totalling 114km of track work to be completed.

The alkitronic EFCip Electric Torque Multiplier was elected as the ideal tool for this particular application as it fits perfectly into situations where high torques, fast operating speeds and precision are required with high numbers of joints needing to be processed.

As the EFCip is an electric torque wrench, it emits no fumes into the surrounding environment – making it perfect for work in confined/closed-in spaces. Operation of the EFCip Series is made possible whatever the weather thanks to protection class IP54.

The in-built smart processor allows for consistent and precise reproduction of pre-selected torques. Switch-off electronics also feature to ensure precise and safe operation.

The continuous rotation of the square drive provides better joint quality when compared to ratchet torque tools.

They are high-end quality bolting solutions with simple handling for demanding applications in a torque range from 60 to 6,500Nm (44-4,800lb/ft).

The low-wear, brushless, synchronous motor promotes excellent efficiency and low running costs.

Simple one-finger operation and a 360° rotating handle ensures a quick, yet comfortable operation as the reaction forces do not get transferred to the operator.

The EFCip saved the civil infrastructure company's workers time and energy. In projects prior to this – the workers used standard impact wrenches to tighten and a torque wrench to re-tighten.

With the EFCip, the three working steps of tightening, re-tightening and examination were completed in one step – eliminating the need for other tools to get the job done.

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